Our Vision & Values

Meet the Team

Our Vision

Trumen’s vision is to be one of Australia’s leading, innovative, privately owned diversified Property Development companies.

Trumen is dedicated to its core business of delivering exceptional Commercial, Industrial and Storage Developments in Australia. Trumen continues to lead the way in mixed-use Industrial Estate Design and Self-Storage facilities within Australia.

Our Ethos

Our mission is to lead and innovate within the industry by developing exceptional, high-quality properties designed to address both community and business needs: that enhance locality and enhance our business and investor partnerships.

The Trumen Difference is underpinned by our key business objectives:

  • Customer Focus: To understand and meet the needs of end-users, identifying trends in demand and market opportunities rather than follow the industry supply side trends.
  • Professional Integrity: To ensure all business exchanges are conducted with the utmost integrity and the highest level of professionalism.

Our Values

At Trumen we believe that in order to build, grow, nurture and prosper as a business, to mature in our business partnerships and to thrive within the community that we operate with the utmost integrity and highest standards of professionalism.

Our core values set the strong foundations for our business approach:

  • To operate with integrity
  • To be trustworthy
  • To deliver what we promise
  • To honour our commitments